Kansas City Here I Come

By Nathan Force

Kansas City has been growing fast within the last five years. The city has seen growth with new hotels being built, new apartments being built, and historic buildings being converted into lofts. With all these new residents moving to town,where are people going to have fun? We could talk about a number of different parts of Kansas City, but I’ve highlighted five districts of the city that I love to visit. So let’s get to it!

Westport is one of Kansas City’s most popular districts. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from in the area. You’ll find outdoor patios, rooftop bars and a diverse collection of options for whatever you’re craving. Just as Kansas City is growing as a whole, Westport itself is booming with new restaurants and bars opening their doors, too. You are sure to find a great place to go in Westport any night of the week.

The River Market is a unique part of the city. Situated along the Missouri River, it used to be a hub for trade and shipping. Now, the historic buildings have been renovated into businesses and housing. There are countless local restaurants in River Market, but what River Market is most known for is the City Market. River Market is a part of Kansas City, but City Market is an actual market where you can find restaurants and vendors in a common square. On Saturday and Sunday mornings during the warm months, you will find the City Market flooded with thousands of people shopping from the hundreds of local farmers who sell their goods here.

If Kansas City is known for anything, it’s barbecue, baseball and jazz. There is a rich history of jazz in Kansas City, and most of that history was written in the Jazz District, located at 18th and Vine. You’ll still be able to see shows at the Gem Theater and the Blue Room, but make sure you spend time in the Jazz Museum and the Negro League Baseball Museum. It is amazing how much history has come through Kansas City.

The Plaza is an outdoor mall with architecture modeled after the Spanish city of Seville. You’ll notice fountains on nearly every corner as you spend your day shopping and dining. Restaurants on The Plaza vary from quick and cheap to fine dining, so you’re sure to find the right place for your occasion. Make sure The Plaza is a stop if you’re travelling to Kansas City during the holidays! You can’t escape the holiday cheer with Christmas lights on every building.

Do you ever want to wander into an old warehouse to look for that perfect piece of antique furniture? Well, West Bottoms is where you need to be! Stop by West Bottoms on a Saturday morning to walk the streets of the old stockyards. People have converted old warehouses into retail shops where they curate local artisans and antique furniture.

Be sure to make Kansas City a destination for your next adventure! The city surely does not disappoint!

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