What Our Travelers Are Saying:

Used a lot in the last couple years. It comes in really handy and we use it all over the place. It’s a nice way to save.

David and Laura Tidd
Iola, KS

I have used Travel Buddy guides for over 20 years. Very happily finding last minute hotel rooms at affordable costs. Have even changed reservation do to finding availability at the last minute. Very helpful to find close restaurants and attractions.

Patricia Mordis
Desoto, MO

“My kids are leaving for Illinois and I told them they have to use this wonderful little magazine. I love it because you have stories to refer us explore when we travel through different areas.

We like going to Crystal Bridges and love Christoper Elbow chocolates and were glad to see both talked about in a recent issue. A lot of magazines have cheesy things in them but not Travel Buddy.

It’s a wonderful publication and I like the added things you do. Journalism school paid off!”

Kristina Hoover
Overland Park, KS

I am very happy with Travel Buddy. Have been using it for years. Have changed reservations after finding cheaper and better accommodations on Travel Buddy.


I have 100 million stories to read, but Travel Buddy caught my interest. You had really nice things to say on Johnny Cash and I loved the story on Woody Guthrie. Now that I look again, I can see that his image is on the front cover. It was a really interesting story. I also like the way the magazine is an easy size to handle.

The cover was very neat and up-to-date. It isn’t just coupons, but a little bit of homespun stuff too. There are some really neat stories on Oklahoma and I was happy to read about places I could potentially travel to.

Travel Buddy reader, Charly Knauss
Cozad, NE

Been a Travel Buddy for 7-8 years. We use them when we go to Texas, Iowa and Kansas.  I always tell people to pick them up, because this is the best way to save money when traveling.

Virginia Neiswender
Salina, KS

We love Midwest Travel Buddy! Thank you so much for our 2 night stay at the Best Western Plus in Springfield. The hotel was very nice, free breakfast, free laundry, and 2 pools! We enjoyed a nice trip to Incredible Pizza which was a blast and enjoyed Sequiota Park. We will continue using your travel brochure!

Ginny Burke & Family
Rolla, MO

“Been a reader for quite awhile. Picked them up at high-traffic interstates restaurants. It has helped a lot with booking motels at an affordable rate and easy to use”.

Dixie Clark
Republic, MO

Love the Travel Buddy booklet. Any possibly way Colorado could be added to the booklet?  Tons of people from the Midwest go to Colorado every year. Seems like Colorado should be included. Just a suggestion. Have a great weekend.

[Smith is in luck! Travel Buddy just launched nationwide! Check out our hotels all over the country in the menu above]


“Don’t leave home without your #1 (Travel) Buddy! I NEVER WILL – my brother Jim is #2.”

Thomas Landes Hobbs
Webster Groves, MO

“We always trust in Travel Buddy every summer when we are planning our trips. My wife’s birthday is coming up and I am planning our trip by using Travel Buddy. It saves us money and shows us how to get there. We love to carry it with us when we travel.”

David Foster
Kearney, NE

What Our Hotels Are Saying:

“Travel Buddy continues to be a great way for our hotel to make money. You would be surprised by how many coupons we get redeemed each month. Consistently, it’s 10-15 at least each month. Since we have done business with Travel Buddy, it has continually given us great results.”

Marlin Canpa
GM at Days Inn Wichita, KS

“I have been a customer of Travel Buddy for over 10 years. I average 15-25 coupons per month depending on the season. You will be happy with Travel Buddy and the redemption of their coupons is always higher.”

Sunny Patel
Econo Lodge, AR

Oh yes, we want to keep Travel Buddy. It works very well for us at Amarillo Inn and Suites. I had been on staff prior to becoming the GM and saw first hand how well the coupons were redeemed. I also had prior knowledge from working at a competitor hotel close by, Fifth Season Inn, and that Travel Buddy had done very well with redemptions there as well.

Lindsay Young, General Manager
Amarillo Inn, Amarillo, TX

I’ve had a great response so far and am happy with Travel Buddy.

Jay Wilson
Stone Castle Inn, Branson, MO

I have been a Travel Buddy customer for years. I received 5 coupons back in just one day on Memorial Day! I am continually happy with Travel Buddy and the redemptions that I receive by using the product.

Daniel Uddin
Owner of Howard Johnson, Kearney, NE

I am very happy with the 15% off rack rate and am adding a second location!

Michael Coffman
Formerly of Comfort Inn and Suites Springfield, MO

Travel Buddy is very easy to work with and I enjoy the level of creative direction and marketing.

I like that you roll with the changes and try different things instead of repeat the same ol same ol like other companies whom I work with. You are getting out the awareness with the unique customer basis that you have.

All of this contributes to the overall success of the customer and Travel Buddy.

Greeley Rodriguez
General Manager, Best Western Plus, St Charles, MO

I have believed in Travel Buddy for years before (Vanessa and Wes were the new owners) and believe that the changes they are making on the web are instrumental.

The print works very well, but by adding web, you can have the younger demographic discover Travel Buddy as well.

Travel Buddy is a great way to get exposure in any market and find guests who will discover your hotel and become repeat customers in the future. These customers may have never come into your hotel in the first place without Travel Buddy.

Paul Zala
Managing Director Quality Inn Mattoon,IL

We’ve been a client since 2011, and have been very satisfied with the advertising, effectiveness and professionalism.  As hoteliers, we can’t ignore the market segment of possible walk-ins, which The Travel Buddy is able to put our information directly into these travelers’ hands.

In our fiscal year of 2015, Travel Buddy contributed 336 room nights with a total revenue of $26,843.69 and $79.89 ADR.  Our Travel Buddy rate was $79, so we did a little better than that with our ADR. Last year in 2016, we got 331 room nights for a total of $27,299.62 in room revenue and $82.48 ADR.  We had raised our coupon halfway through the year, to our new rate of $88.88, which did not seem to hinder our ability to retain these travelers.

As you can see from our above numbers, The Travel Buddy was able to assist us with bringing in those much-needed walk-ins on slow dates.

Effendi Fendi
Comfort Suites Champaign, Illinois

I am so impressed with everything you have done and you give us the most coupons of any other magazines.

Stephanie Nawrocki
Dutton Inn